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RocketBoom VS. MoBuzzTV

As hard as I might try I really can’t get in to Rocketboom. I can’t figure out why it’s as popular as it is. It’s not that I don’t like Amanda Congdon It’s just that I don’t find her sense of humor very endearing. Her enthusiasm seems fake and no matter what the news story is it always has some sort of cheese spin to it. I don’t wish bad things upon them, I just don’t get it.

On the other hand I love MoBuzzTV. Karina Stenquist has the perfect personality for the online world. Smart, sarcastic and just a little snarky everyday the news is delivered with just the right amount of dark humor. In general I can’t say enough great things about it besides I wish it was longer.

It makes me kind of annoyed that Rocketboom gets so much attention and yet MoBuzzTv seems so over looked. I can only hope they are doing well and will continue to produce shows for a lone time.

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Found your site after seeing a link on I reckon rocketboom’s cache comes mostly from being one of the first and continuing to be well connected and relevant. Never heard of MoBuzzTV, so thanks for the intro. Looks like they have a little better production value than rocketboom. But the little lisp from Karina’s tongue piercing is not nearly so endearing.


Yeap, I guess all the relevance that RB can have is due to being the first. I still watch both almost everyday, yet the boom has been surpassed by the Buzz a long time ago.


I was a boom fan for a while, but I find that recently MobuzzTV is by far more interesting and relevent to the online world. Long live the buzz


I absolutely love Mobuzz. Karina is perfect, her sense of humor, the ironic comments, her lovely face… All of this things are a lovely combination! On the otherside, RocketBoom is preety well, it’s kind of ‘bizarre’, but Amanda always surprise me!

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